Ride your bike, eat ice cream, track your distance & make a difference!

supports UNICEF

Let's reach one million kilometers together!

Let's go the distance to make a difference and support UNICEF’s aid project WASH in Bangladesh. The WASH project is all about making sure that children and families living in extreme poverty and whose lives have been badly affected by Covid-19, have access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. Our target: 1,000,000 km! For every kilometer ridden, we’ll donate ten cents to UNICEF.
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Here's how it works:

Create your profile

Once you've filled out the registration form, you'll receive a link to your personal profile where you can upload the distance for each of your giro del gelato bike rides.  

Ride your bike & eat ice cream

Ride your bike, track your distance, and enjoy a frozen treat!

Track your distance & do good

Upload your ride to your profile – for every distance ridden, we donate to UNICEF.

Win cool prizes!

Everyone who participates has the chance to win one of 3 woom ORIGINAL bikes and other great prizes.

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UNICEF drives change

Safe water and sustainable sanitation are vital – and not just during a pandemic. As part of the WASH project, UNICEF is working to give children and families in Bangladesh access to safe water and sanitation facilities. We want to be a part of that. By partnering with UNICEF we can make sure that help is provided where it is needed most.

Thank you for your help and a special thanks to our partner UNICEF. 


At the end of this summer's giro del gelato, we will select a handful of lucky participants at random to win one of 3 woom ORIGINAL bikes and other great prizes! Remember, every ride counts, so you’ve got the same chances of winning, whether you ride for a good cause every day or just make one special giro del gelato bike ride!

3 x woom ORIGINAL Bikes
10 x $100 gift certificates
10 x GLUG Stainless Steel Bottles
10 x AIRFLO Bike Pumps

Every ride counts!

Ride your bike, eat ice cream & do good – track your distance to help secure a brighter tomorrow for children in need. Doing good can be so easy!

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